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We welcome shoppers to the market! Our market is designed to allow appropriate social distancing but we need your help!  

Customer Expectations 
1) Please:  If you or someone you live with is sick or not feeling well, stay home.

2) Please: Stay 6’ feet apart:  We are asking customers to maintain safe distances from each other while shopping or passing through the market.  

3) Please send no more than two people per household -- large groups create difficulty for social distancing.  If this is not possible then please be especially mindful of making sure your group is allowing others to have ample room to be socially distant (don't block aisles, send only one person to the vendor for purchase, step aside if others want to approach a booth, etc.)

4) Please Follow COVID-19 safety protocols:

CDC recommends wearing masks and so do we!

5) Lastly: Please dispose of single-use gloves and masks in trashcans or take home to dispose of.

THANK YOU ALL for your patience and cooperation.

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