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2024 Music at the Market

Astoria Sunday Market features musical artists each week performing on the food court stage. Our 2023 roster of musicians is full. If you would like to be placed on the waitlist, please reach out. You can email

Act - Date

Seaside Jazz Trio - May 12

RB & the Midnight Travelers - May 19

Old Growth - May 26

Tenor Guitar Gathering - June 2

Howard Buckabee - June 9

Lew Jones - June 16

Greg Parke - June 23

Ronnie Carrier - June 30

Seaside Jazz Trio - July 7

Brownsmead Flats - July 14

Sedona Fire Band - July 21

Castletown - July 28

Sedona Fire Band - Aug 4

Small Towne - August 11

Ray Prestegard - August 18

Rain Opera - August 25

Brownsmead Flats - Sept 1

The Derry Aires - Sept 8

Double J & The Boys - Sept 15

Crimson & Clover Celtic - Sept 22

Kent Smith - Sept 29

Greg Parke - October 6

Rain Opera - October 13

Old Growth.jpg

Seaside Jazz Trio

Brownsmead Flats

Musician Bios – ASM 2024


Seaside Jazz Trio 

The Seaside Jazz Trio fuses the tradition of beaches and bebop to showcase the jazz form from 1930s swing to standards and modern sounds. The trio consists of North Coast resident saxophonist R.J. Marx, guitarist/vocalist John Orr, and bassist Clarence Robinson.


RB & the Midnight Travelers

Richie Bean and the Midnight Travelers is a talented group of musicians that will have you singing along to folk-rock and rock-n-roll hits of the 60's & 70's, like CCR, Neil Young, Eagles, as well as some well-crafted originals.


Old Growth 

Old Growth is a four piece band plays a unique blend of classic Rock & Blues with an acoustic flair. Larry Norman, Dave Hutt, Don Fashing, and Hank Snell all sing and play guitars, Hank also plays the conga drum. Their album, "So Right Tonight" was produced in 2001. 


Tenor Guitar Orchestra Singers

The Tenor Guitar Orchestra Singers come together as a group to present vocal and instrumental music. First organized at the 2023 Tenor Guitar Gathering, they have continued the past year as entertainers at various locations every month. They are well received. During the afternoon that they play, you may also see drop-in musician performers from the Gathering.

Back row: Lori Ann and Dale Kintz, Sherry and Ronnie Howser, Jennifer Loretto, Front row: DeLores and Ken Richards, Josh Reynolds, emcee


Howard Buckbee 

Howard Buckbee is a solo guitarist vocalist that employs a number of different instruments when and if he finds himself in a combo setting such as fiddle, mandolin, harmonica, bass etc.
He is of the 4th of 6 generations of lower Columbia river dwellers, and has been playing since age 14 when his mother bought him a 10 dollar guitar from Fred Meyers in Hazel Dell.


Lew Jones

Lew Jones was always listed as one of the top three folk musicians in the Williamette Week Polls in the late 70’s and early 80’s. He was nominated twice by the Portland Music Association and won the Crystal Award for Outstanding Folk Act. He has played NXNW, The Seattle Bumbershoot and was a substitute for SXSW, -He plays original songs and is an accomplished guitarist on the level of Leo Koetke and John Fahey. He plays all around Oregon currently.


Greg Parke 

Greg Parke gives the term “one man band” a whole new meaning. Using custom built acoustic and electric MIDI guitars, sound modules and loopers, he is able to create an amazingly full sound that seems more like a whole stage full of musicians rather than just one person, all done in real time, with no pre-recorded backing tracks. Combine that with his rich, captivating voice, a very spontaneous and entertaining sense of humor, and you are guaranteed a show that you won’t soon forget! 


Ronnie Carrier 

Ronnie Carrier, Portland-based folk-pop artist, melds haunting vocals and Lewis Carroll-like lyrics into a musical world that delves deep into the universal complexities of life. Her gift for storytelling through music resonates in every note, leaving a lasting impact on listeners.


Brownsmead Flats

The Brownsmead Flats play acoustic music that may be best described as “Crabgrass” which they liken to a folk/bluegrass style with a maritime flavor. The group is celebrating 40 years of making music together in 2024. The band has a strong focus on vocal harmonies and many of their songs are composed by members of the group. Dan Sutherland is featured on the hammered dulcimer, fiddle, and mandolin. Ray Raihala picks the banjo, guitar and mandolin. Ned Heavenrich plays harmonica and guitar. John Fenton keeps the band together rhythmically with the bass, and Larry Moore rounds out the group with his expertise on the mandolin.


Sedona Fire Band

The Sedona Fire Band is a 5-piece ensemble from the North Coast that plays a fusion of world, 

folk, rock and blues music. They are an eclectic group of musicians who have recorded two 

CD’s of original music together. To experience more, check out their website, 



Castletown performs a high energy show with a sound best described as "AmeriCeltic," blending the heart and soul of traditional Irish reels with modem folk, blues, jazz and country influences with Robert Richter on lead guitar and vocals, Cynthia Hamm on violin, mandolin and vocals, Casey McBride on drums and Willie Jaam Gilmore on bass.


Small Towne 

Reformed this year, 2024, the band is composed of four musicians that come from a variety of musical backgrounds. The members of the band include Dave Quinton on bass, Brad Griswald on mandolin, Al Price on banjo, and Randy Weese on guitar. Each individual brings a refreshing and diverse musical contribution to the Small Towne sound. Small Towne’s musical focus arrives at traditional bluegrass music.


Ray Prestegard

Ray Prestegard, the multi-instrumentalist returns to the Astoria Sunday Market stage bringing his upbeat energy with banjos, harmonicas, mandolins, ukuleles and slide guitars. He plays original songs of the Pacific Northwest along with familiar tunes he navigates through all age groups. 


Rain Opera

Astoria, OR band led by Segrid Coleman, featuring complex melodies and soulful songwriting. Segrid Coleman: Acoustic & Electric Guitar, Keys (Astoria) Zach Jenisch: Bass (Woodland) Kyle Manship: Drums (Astoria)


The Derry Aires 

We play traditional Irish tunes, played on Violin, Viola, Guitar, Mandolin, Flute. Accordion and Bodhran among other instrumentalists and vocalists. Our musicians have more than 100 years of combined playing and bring influences from many musical traditions to life.

Double J & The Boys

In their 17th year together, Double J and the Boys return to the Astoria Sunday Market to entertain with their mix of old country classics peppered with a bit of yodeling, energetic fiddle tunes, accordion oompahs, and funny originals including the theme song written for the Market 10 years ago. 

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